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Fashionable Ways to Look Cool in Yoga Pants Yoga pants aren’t jeans! Drop them if they get faded or stretched. Just let them go after the expiration date. Athleisure synonym for comfort+style. It’s the trend that’s storming the world right now, and has its roots settled in the wardrobes of some of our favorite celebrities. Blame it on them or everyone who’s seen on streets suits and yoga pants are on a runway
Cheap jerseys this season! So it’s time to ditch those rugged shoes and sweatshirts, and embrace some panache. Be it summers or winters, yoga pants can be worn and styled in every season. We’ve come up with some cool outfit ideas to look fashionable even in a pair of yoga pants. You can choose to wear the shoes worn by the model or opt for an alternative given by us. Well, not going overboard or gaudy, we keep this look elegant and feminine. With a white strapped top, teal is our pick to go matchy matchy with accessories, adding pop to your outfit. Bangles and a cute pair of pumps is a must! You can combine teal with crispier shades like saffron or mint green, for a refreshing effect.

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